5 Steps to Create Unique DIY Wall Decor

Decorating a home enhances your creativity and ability to measure a thing. You cannot mention that decorating the home has limitation. No, it is truly not. There are the amount of unique wall decor ideas even for small homes or apartments. The key to putting all the decorations perfectly fit together is by taking advantage of the open space in your home or apartment, which is the wall. The empty walls are the real key to create much more possibilities to make your home stylish inside out. Decorating the wall is automatically agreeable to every taste and personality. Walls can easily be customized so you are surrounded by the stuff that you like the most.

The bright and bold color of the paint would give your wall a lovely and strong accent. Another technique that is acceptable is stenciling and wallpaper. Besides decorating the walls, you also should think about decorating the ceiling as well (if you have an additional budget of course). A little accent always succeeds bringing big impact to your entire home.

5 Steps to Create Unique DIY Wall Decor

Here are some ideas for your unique wall decor ideas:

1. Large-Scale Art

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There are numerous large-scale arts that you can choose, starting from the vintage to the modern ones. Choose something that can fit your home design. For people who have spare times and like creating artworks or homemade arts, it would be fun to do some DIY projects. A large-scale art is giving the unique transition to your room. To choose the right positioning, you could block the composition first.

2. Gallery Wall

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If you have lots of family photo, then the gallery wall is something you need. But to avoid making some mistakes on your wall, try these following tips: (a) Determine the style of your gallery wall, whether it is random or grid, matching or varied; (b) Lay them out. Before hanging them on the wall, laying them out on the floor and make the biggest ones as the center; (c) Mock it up with the papers. So you wouldn’t go wrong.

3. Showcase Fabric

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In this case, you should play up the color and pattern. Besides combining the drapery, cushions, and others, it is acceptable to add some additional fabrics as a decoration.

4. Hang Mirrors

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Don’t you worry going with the big mirrors? In a small room, a big mirror creates the illusion of depth and would create larger space around. You even able to hang a big mirror over the living room to reflect the chandelier and liven up the ambiance. The main point is you have to mention one thing is essential and beautiful, then you could the mirror near to reflect the beauty of that item. A big mirror over the fireplace also could be considerable.

5. Paint a Mural

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Remember that a good wall mural must look good from close up view and further. Whilst painting your wall, step back to see whether it has looked good for further point of view. Besides, use the decent brush as the cheap one wouldn’t give you best mural result.

Lara Parker