6 Characteristics of Decorating Home as Indian Home Design

India is known as a country in various diversity, starting from religion to language. We, common people, most describe it as the colorful country and it actually is. Indian home design also represents those statements. They apply various colors but basically put the neutral shade as a base, let’s mention brown, grey and off-white. The burnt-color is a great choice for decoration as well. In case the Indian culture appreciates the sun, so you must paint something in your home in the yellow shade. The walls and floors take a great effect on the entire home design together with the lively decoration and furniture.

6 Characteristics of Decorating Home as Indian Home Design

To make it clear, let’s mention one by one aspect of Indian home design:

1. Color

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The easiest example of getting the real Indian color shades is by taking a look at the spectrum of Indian spices, such as sunny yellow of curry, orange of turmeric, deep red of saffron, and so on. It also occurs in the Indian fashion. For daily clothes, they often use a similar color of clothes to the shades of Indian spices. If you don’t get any idea of what Indian spices are, then it may be easier to look at what they wear in daily activities.

2. Pattern

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Patterns are essential in India as well as colors. Patterns are used in clothing, fabrics, accessories, and decoration. For achieving the Indian pattern, you can look for lightly patterned wallpaper. Choose the upholstered chairs and sofas in the patterned fabric, quaint canopy combined with the bold traditional Indian pattern and color surely develops such a big impact to the authentic look.

3. Furniture

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The Indian furniture is popular in dark yet exotic wood, such as rosewood and ebony. Traditional India’s craftsmanship also should be put in your home, i.e. the traditional motives, symbols, and carvings. For getting the traditional Indian look instantly, go for something like Indian engraved bench. The traditional Indian wall decor is called Jharokha, which is a wooden mirror frame.

4. Flooring

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Indian people tend to try cooling the temperature inside their houses as there must be hot outside. One of the efforts is by choosing the right floor, which is granite, marble, and tile floor. In India, granite floor is the most popular among others since it is more durable. While marble floor is chosen as it offers attractive gloss but it has less durability. After all, the most affordable type is the tile, but it can easily crack.

5. Decor

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One of the characteristics in Indian houses is the availability of decoration and accessories; and it is including you. You cannot leave this one. The Indian decor is influenced by the culture and religion. Sometimes, most of the decorations come from something they use to praise their Gods and it is what makes it authentic.

6. Accessories

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You can use the flower vase with traditional Indian accent and pattern. The flower choice is absolutely your right to choose. But the flower choice also should be in vibrant and lively colors like the rest of the Indian things.

Lara Parker