How to Arrange the Outdoor Rustic Wedding Reception Decor

Rustic wedding decor doesn’t need the lavishness of common tradition weddings. It doesn’t demand to hold in landmarks, hotels or museums. Furthermore, the color scheme of rustic surely is the easiest ways to go. The rustic idea combines the natural beauty naturally into your special day. For a wedding decor, you should give the simple touches with the volumes of the personality of you and your fiance.

How to Arrange the Outdoor Rustic Wedding Reception Décor

A wedding is supposed to be once in a lifetime. And sometimes it creates such dizziness around the bride-to-be to arrange everything.

Every detail of rustic things could be started by the chalkboard signs or directions on the entryway and it is also perfect for the day’s menu. For creating rustic escort cards, give it a try for a wooden plaque. For the guest table, you can arrange the long tables with drape with vibrant colors wildflowers. Something you have to understand about rustic decoration is that it must be unpredictable and combine the different elements together in a harmony.

1. The Rustic Ceremony Arch


A ceremony arch must be the one that the guests look at, beside the bride of course. You can make it naturally elegant with the simple wooden arbor with flower and linen. Try choosing the flowers in different vibrant colors.

2. The Rustic Bridal Bouquet


The textured blooms for rustic style should be in the shades of green, blush and ivory. These combination shades of colors provide a natural romantic ambiance.

3. The Mirror Display


You could create an eclectic gallery wall on your wedding reception as well. It would turn your guests’ heads while entering your venue.

4. Rustic Escort Cards


A cute alternative to paper cards would be calligraphed stones. It offers unique yet natural friendly.

5. Simple Rustic Centerpiece


Naturally, the centerpiece must be simple and attract people’s attention without being too much. For your wedding reception, you could fire up your rustic theme in mismatched mason jars and milk bottles. Both of these things provide much of a statement.

6. Rustic Table Scape


The simple wooden white table and chairs are perfect rustic furniture for now and then.

7. Rustic Table Setting


For rustic table setting, it is usually by skipping the tablecloth. People prefer to replace it with the natural wooden china.

8. Rustic Wedding Menu


The slice of wood would fulfill the empty space of rustic theme above the table, replacing the paper menu.

9. The Floral Arrangement


The perfect floral display for an outdoor rustic wedding reception is a great choice. The summer blooms may be the right choice. You can combine various colors and create an arrangement with a touch of rustic, such as giving gold ribbon, small branches around, etc.

10. Rustic Wedding Cake


The wedding cake is a centerpiece itself. People are curious how it would be every time attending the wedding reception. So, this is your time to discover what do you want to show your representation as well.

Lara Parker