5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Vintage Kitchen Decor Without Remodeling

If you have already had a vintage kitchen, it is no reason to modernize it. As long as you choose the right vintage kitchen decor, then you will find a brand new look and ambiance without remodeling nor be spending more budget. A vintage kitchen must bring sentimental moments with your grandmother and you should not remove those memories off. There are some keys to redecorate a vintage kitchen to look cute but not outdated.

The perfect vintage kitchen decor doesn’t force you to purchase new items. You can easily find them in your storage and try to create a different arrangement and color. Let’s mention something like your grandmother’s plates. The vintage ones must have significant color and accents that are eye-catching. These types of items are the ones you should display in your kitchen open shelve. So, they act like what they are made for and as a decoration. In a vintage kitchen, you don’t need the expensive and latest appliances, instead of the older the better as long as you have the ability to create a new look.

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Vintage Kitchen Decor Without Remodeling

So, Let’s find out how they work and save your savings for something bigger in your life.

1. The Open Storage

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The vintage kitchen always has open storages. If you have already owned it, then display it with some additional artfully items, such as the pepper sets, the glass salt, etc. Furthermore, if you are able to arrange the plates, cups, and bowls in a cute way then they must be considered displaying on your open storage. Consider which items that should be put behind the closed door. On the other hand, if you don’t have any open shelving, you could start mounting a few shelves on the wall. Then start arranging the beauty of your kitchen items.

2. Use The Cheerful Colors

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A new and fresh color is an instant thing to transform your kitchen look. The color combination could be arranged in the towels, vintage sheets, and tablecloths. The pastel colors are a gorgeous choice for your vintage kitchen, such as light pink, bright red, yellow, blue and other pastels. The bright colors will give you the bakery-look that seems delicious and warm.

3. Replace the Hardware

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In this step, you need extra effort to screwdriver the knobs and old cabinets. Replace them with the classic glass knobs, gold or silver cup.

4. No Need To Be Perfect

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The real key to getting a vintage look is by avoiding the perfect look. Instead, the imperfect side is a real charm of your vintage kitchen. you can start by rough up your wooden cabinet or table. For additional shabby chic look, you can fulfill the wooden table with sandpaper.

5. Work with the Old Appliances

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To avoid spending much money, you don’t need to purchase the farmhouse sink or even antique gas stove. Instead, you can work with the old appliances, such as by adding the vintage tools and utensils. To complete the vintage look, the stainless steel appliances, and antique kitchen cabinets brings a great harmony with the modern chairs.

Lara Parker