9 Creative Ideas for Beautiful Twin Girls Bedroom Decor

Twins always couldn’t be separated in any way, including for their beautiful bedroom decor. In spite of having the two identical humans, we also have to consider the identical bedroom, clothes and all things about them. I’m guessing it would be more challenging if we are having the twin girls! But believe me, it would be fulfilled of lots of fun decorating your twin girls.

9 Creative Ideas for Beautiful Twin Girls Bedroom Decor

I would like to give you some ideas to apply for your beloved girls.

1. The Color of Pink

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It is undeniable that pink is identic to girl’s color, so try to accept it though. There are numerous things that you can apply for this pink color, such as the floor carpet, the bed covers, the curtains, and wallpaper. Remember that there is not only one shade of pink, consider which part should be in the lighter pink shade and which one should be in bold pink. For instance, for wall and furniture, it would be great if you choose the lighter shade of pink. Once you need to add additional colors, pick the contrasting one, such as green or white. Playing with the pattern also would be plus point, such as polka dots for the pillow covers.

2. Vintage Decor

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This is perfect for your grown-up twin girls. The subtle feminine and elegant nuance would be around with the vintage floral design and pastel pallet. The supporting vintage furniture also completes the look, such as by bringing the upholstered furniture.

3. Royal Themed Bedroom

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Every girl must admire to be a princess and you can make their dreams real by giving a royal touch. The beautiful footstools and draped beds create the great experience of sleeping. And you should try adding the vintage mirror along with other royal accessories in the room.

4. DIY Designs

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The today’s trend is the hanging bed or wall bed. It seems creative and fiery, the most suitable idea describing the spirit of your young twin daughters. In this design, you can mix and match every detail together with your twin daughters to make them personalized. The simple yet elegant theme of storage cabinets are gorgeous as complement along with the storage baskets.

5. A Simple Background

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It happens if you choose a pink theme of the bedroom. The simple background would avoid you from getting much too much furnished and boring. You can play the pattern anywhere but the background.

6. Bright Pink Theme

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As mention above, the pink bedroom has various shades that should be considered and combined.

7. Floral Vintage Theme

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It goes to shabby chic theme indeed. Along with a bunch of floral pattern, you can go for something real such as the flower vase and box.

8. Bamboo Seating Idea

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This is a non-popular seating idea but the impact of it is significant. You could complete the look with pastel green theme around the bedroom. It doesn’t mean to create such traditional look but it is worth to give it a try.

9. Canopy Beds

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This is for princess wannabe bedroom decor. If your daughters really adore the Disney princess, then this is the perfect idea for decorating their bedroom.

Lara Parker