5 Tips Creating an Aesthetic House with Wooden Wall Panel Decor

In this chapter, I want to give you how to bring back the aesthetic feel of your old house using wooden wall panel decor. An old house may have leaks in some parts that you need to hide and update them, let’s name the popcorn ceilings, the countertops, and so on. We don’t talk to remodel them, instead, we may consider redecorating so we shouldn’t lose its old design aesthetics.

5 Tips Creating an Aesthetic House with Wooden Wall Panel Decor

First thing first, before going too far, you have to decide what a theme that you need to bring. Let’s name a thing or your favorite ones, such as a jungle theme, a beach theme, a village theme, a football stadium theme, and many others. After deciding which one if yours, you can start picking up the color, the accessories and furniture as well. Although paneling is not the most popular yet most wanted home treatment it has the ability to give you more aspects to beautify.

1. Paint the Trim

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Once you see the wood paneling in someone’s kitchen and paint the trim of it, you must wonder why wouldn’t you apply it to your own house. To get inspired, consider about black paint since it brings the vibe of retro yet vintage to you. Alongside with the kitchen, the painted trim works best for your bookshelves, the fireplace and the ledge alongside every room. Just for notes, you don’t have to make it real black indeed, you can choose another color that fits your taste.

2. Solid Colors for Furniture

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You also can create the paneling as a backdrop. If you do this, so you need solid colors. It also occurs on the other side; if you want to make it as a focal point, then go for lighter color. The solid navy color and red may be considered well.

3. Multiple Focal Points

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It may be a new rule on design interior but sometimes breaking the rules will boost a refreshing drama. The first step is you have to decide your first focal point, i.e. the fireplace; and the second one is the sofa. The second step is by painting the fireplace with solid color and decorate the sofa with bold color pillows. In this treatment, the paneling becomes a backdrop.

4. The Eye-Catching Art

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Something eye-catching is a great deal to steal someone’s eyes. You can easily combine the solid color of fireplace and the fireplace mantel. Above, hang a rather large-scale art or a bright and bold DIY project. If you are considering to do the DIY projects, I have a trick that works well for a complement of the wall panel. Create the DIY letters or love words in bold colors.

5. Play up the Texture and Pattern

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This mixed up will maximize the look of your house as it works perfectly with the paneling. You may think about the rug. There are various pattern and texture choices out there that you can choose. Something like zebra pattern rug, ball pattern rug, etc.

Lara Parker