Soft and Subtle Nautical Wall Decor for Girls

Nautical wall decor is back on trend. To avoid the boring style and color choice, we may search for something new, such as the contemporary patterns, old-world elegance with the playful pops of colors. These color and texture combination is perfect for girls, for both nursery room and young girls. Whether you choose navy as the center point of the room just an accent, you have to create a little sparkle. Navy is certain great being combined with yellow, orange or green for creating the bold nuance in a room. While you need something soft, you can combine navy with the pastels. Whatever your preference is, all you need is bringing a sparkle, such as a special touch of gold or silver.

Soft and Subtle Nautical Wall Décor for Girls

We are exactly going to give you the real images of those ideas above:

1. The Navy and White


It creates a serene vibe that is perfect for baby’s room, no matter the gender is. This color scheme will be completed with the nautical accessories, such as the prints of sea stars, whale, and so others. These color combinations also can be applied to wall and flooring. While you need to apply the striped white and navy color, you can simply add the wooden white flooring. Let’s just say that this is the most popular color combination for nursery rooms since it creates larger space and cleaner room. So it will be easier to detect any spot of dirt on it.

2. The Modern and Subtle Touch


You can get this comfortable touch by adding the modern bedding with a modern texture of furniture. The nautical style never explains the most suitable furniture, whether modern or classic, right? So, this is your chance creating the modern nursery room without loosening the essence of a nautical vibe.

3. The Sophisticated Wall Art


There are various wall arts in baby nursery theme that you can choose. We, as parents, have rights to add a special touch and personal signs on our kids’ bedroom, including by painting the wall art by ourselves. If it is impossible, let’s just say, we should pick something closer to the characteristic and the liking of our girls.

4. The Mixed-up of Non-Traditional Nautical Theme


As I mentioned above, there is no significant rule about getting into a nautical theme. In this idea, you can even combine both traditional and modern items. Something like old map wallpaper will be beautifully completed with the modern and clean bedroom design. Nothing is able to hold you out of this arrangement.

5. The Nautical Prints


The prints are gorgeous ideas to add a girly touch to your baby. It is a kind of gender issue at first. A nautical theme is preferred for boy’s bedroom so there are more boyish furniture and accessories about it. As the modern people demand the equality, including for making the barriers between men and women disappear, so does the interior design issue. Baby girl also worths for such nautical theme for her bedroom. For being maximized, you can add the nautical prints that are more girly on it, such as the pink curtains, the pink mermaid doll, etc.

Lara Parker