Home Decor DIY Pinterest for Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Do you look for some easy and creative DIY ideas to make cute bedroom? I will give you some list of popular and cute ones to follow. The teen girls’ bedroom usually has cute wall art, lighting, accessories, curtains, and so on. They love colorful ones to cheer their spirit up.

Home Decor DIY Pinterest for Teen Girl’s Bedroom

So here is the favorite list of home decor DIY Pinterest:

1. Door Decorating Idea

Source: cityofgilbertiowa.com

For DIY craft, the one that is important to have is washi tape. Its colorful scheme and easy to find makes it popular. In this decorating craft, we also use washi tape. Decide your two favorite colors, for example, we take black and purple. Let’s do this:

  • Measure the inlays of your door.
  • Cut a piece of washi tape in the same length as the inlay.
  • Do for all sides of inlays.

2. String Art Sign

Source: http://hellocreativefamily.com

This is like painting your favorite words. By doing this craft, all you need are hot glue gun, rolls of cork, embroidery floss, linoleum nails, and velcro hanging strips.

  • Unroll the cork and straighten them. You can use some heavy books to maximize while straightening. Let them this way for about a day.
  • Print out your favorite words. Cut off every single word and assemble them using scotch tape.
  • Center your template on the cork board. Use scissor instead of box cutter while cutting them apart.
  • Paint your cork.
  • Apply the hanging strips.
  • Outline your template uses the nails.
  • Remove the paper template carefully.
  • String the nails with colorful embroidery floss. This is the most entertaining indeed.
  • Add a frame and hang your craft.

3. Hammock Chair

Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co

This is one of the cutest and coolest items in the bedroom. It is even more than decorative but also functional, and it can be set up for all bedroom styles, not only for teenagers. You can sway lazily while reading a book on it. All you need are lighter, ruler, shears, iron and ironing board, sewing machine, drill and 3/8” drill bit.

  • Fold your canvas and cut off in about 7” from the top right edge. Open it up.
  • Fold the top edge down and iron flat.
  • Repeat it. Pin and stitch the bottom of the fold. Repeat again.
  • Create a pocket on your canvas.
  • Fold again and iron flat.
  • Stitch two lines along the bottom of the folded edge. Do for the other side.
  • Mark a mark for about 2” and 4” from both ends.
  • Tie a knot at one. Repeat for the other side.

4. The Cover of Light Switch

Source: thatswhatchesaid.net

It is the time to use the washi tape again! The light switch can be covered with colorful and cheerful washi tape decor. You can even remove it one day you get bored and need to change the color whatsoever. All you need are switch plate cover and washi tape.

  • Your switch plate must be clean.
  • Unroll the washi tape about two inches longer the switch plate.
  • Start from the edge, stick the washi tape carefully. You shouldn’t make any wrinkle on it.
  • Trim the edge uses a scissor.
  • Cut off the tape in the hole. Start by cutting in x cut uses a knife.
  • Fold the tape edge to the back of switch plate.

Lara Parker