5 Cutest Home Accessories Ideas for Spring Summer 2018

The upcoming season may have been waited by most of the people. Besides for its sunny days and colorful flowers outside, the home decorations also adapt. Some people want to apply the nautical themes, and some are better choosing the cheerful flowery theme as what they see in the garden at summer. For spring and summer, the trend of home accessories 2018 aren’t too far away from last year. Nature always gives people beautiful ideas, as today.

5 Cutest Home Accessories Ideas for Spring Summer 2018

Spring and Summer always grow so much color and textures. There are some exhilarating colors for home accessories 2018, including the glittery golds, ice-cream pastels, pop colors and indigo blues. Taking one thing is pretty easy, but how about to put them together? Let’s find out together how to combine each texture and color.

1. Embellishments

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Something like tufting, fringing, feathers, etc are coming through this Spring and Summer season. You can put them on the wall hangings, cushions, rugs and accessories. This is perfect for you who look for something has a personal touch. You can add the handmade embellishment in each room. Let’s name the pink hanging lantern on your girl’s bedroom; the gold bowl for the dining room, woven zigzag cushion in the living room, and a wooden table for the dining room. Aren’t they lovely?

2. Gelato Colors

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This is a huge trend this year for both fashion and interiors. You can start by recalling your own favorite ice cream. Afterward, it is a keyword to name your paint color. You don’t have to choose one flavor, you just name all your favorite ones and combine them to be a perfect palette of gelato colors. The wall and accessories’ colors can be mixed up according to your taste. The pastel hues dining chairs, tableware and vases are some of the examples.

3. Geometrics

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Actually, this geometric trend has appeared in 2017 but people keep it high in 2018. The most accessories that use geometrics are wallpaper, cushions, tiles, rugs, and arts. The bold geometric offers the striking effect to the entire house. If you have a brave, try the geometric walls on your kitchen to bring the splashback.

4. More and More Foliage

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This is closely related to the health benefits for millennials. Some news about pollution has been increased lately and bring more awareness to people, especially for the townsman. It makes them buy the houseplants. You can do the same as well. Invest some stunning plants and place them in each room. Try to create a different type of plant decoration, such as the hanging plants, put them on the shelves, or give them some mantelpieces. For adding interest, put them together with the stylish pendants, or pop-colored vases.

5. Indigo Blues or Inky Blues

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This is like an antidote to the pastel tones. You shouldn’t paint your entire wall on it, just make some accessories of this color tone, such as the flowers, cushions and vases. Besides, play the different shapes and styles for stoneware to create the more interesting finish.

Lara Parker