Cost-Effective Barn Theme for Outside Rustic Country Wedding Reception

For you who love holding a rustic country wedding, a barn is a favorite place to go. The barn theme is getting very popular these days since it saves much cost and the finish look is unique and outrageous. If you are still confused where to hold a cheap wedding ceremony, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Some people may say that for one for a lifetime occasion, like a wedding, it is okay to spend much money on it. But it doesn’t make sense for all people around the world. Some of them prefer saving their money for other important purposes, such as purchasing a house. Everyone must have his/ her own priorities but for something like a wedding, you have to create a memorable event but at reasonable costs.

Cost-Effective Barn Theme for Outside Rustic Country Wedding Reception

Here are some cost-effective wedding decorations:

1. The Attire


For a barn theme, you need to look like a beautiful cowboy with cowboy jeans and boots. For the groom, you can make him wear a blazer and a cowboy hat. For your bridesmaids, you can make them wear the printed dresses with pockets. These floral dresses are perfect for creating a formal effect. Don’t forget to wear the cowboy boots. They don’t have to be brown, so you can choose any color that fits your wedding theme, such as a jewel tone boot. As for your information, a jewel tone perfectly fits a country wedding. You can add them to the flower arrangements, boots, and bridesmaids’ dress.

2. Bouquet


The rustic bouquet is about a unique and natural arrangement of wildflowers. You can even keep the stems loose to create such a relaxed vibe. Choose the white shade and loose greenery to get back the rustic wedding feel. For more bold choice, you can choose sunflowers with some lavender as a contrast. For your bridesmaids, you can give them a mini vase of baby’s breath. Furthermore, if you need to add the unique rustic floral arrangement, place some bouquet in the cowboy boots and put them around your wedding venue.

3. Boutonnière

Source: succulent Boutonnière

The succulent Boutonnière will be a perfect choice for the groom. You can add the twigs and fresh leaves as the natural waves.

4. Ceremony Ideas


A chalkboard wedding menu is a beautiful greeting for your guests. For the aisle, you can complete its look by adding the lace, burlap and baby’s breath. The ceremony arch has come beautifully with ivy-covered wood. It is so truly rustic decoration indeed.

5. Flower Girls


She must be the most adorable part of a wedding ceremony and you can spice up her look into rustic vibe by putting a crown of ivy over the head and moss-covered basket on her hands.

6. Rustic Ring Pillow


For the ring pillow, you can replace it with a simple burlap pillow, a silk flower in the middle and moss surrounds. It creates an image of a bird’s nest. And your wedding ring is on it. Who wonderful ring box!

7. Transportation


Since you don’t need to rent a luxurious and costly vehicle, you better maximize the vintage and rustic look by painting a vintage pickup truck. The color must fit your wedding color palette. Besides, it is still possible to ride a horse-drawn wagon to make a fabulous and memorable exit.

Lara Parker