Low-Budget DIY Paper Party Décor Ideas

Who doesn’t love a party? Everyone loves it, but they don’t love how their saving goes away faster for entertaining and feeding the guests. You have to recount every detail that we want to hold. One of the easiest ways to cut off the budget is creating DIY party decor. Here I want to share some tips and how-tos that will save your budget since you may have already had some materials in your home. After saving your budget on the decorations, you can save more on the meals, such as by baking the cakes and cookies on your own and try new recipes of the beverages as well. Ask your friends for their helping hands.

Low-Budget DIY Paper Party Décor Ideas

This time, we will try creating the decorations from paper. Have fun!

1. Ruffled Rainbow Streamers

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For this project, all you need are two colors of crepe paper streams and the thread. Follow the steps below:

  • For each crepe paper, cut them in the same length.
  • Line them up.
  • Sew them together. You can both use a sewing machine or sewing with a needle. If you use a sewing machine, push the streamers up and sew them to create the ruffles. On the other hand, if you sew with needle and thread, just stitch the layers and push the streamers up while you are holding the thread to create ruffles.

2. Streamer Chandelier

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All you need are cross stitch hoop and two-colored crepe paper streamers. For this project, follow these guides:

  • Cut the streamers in different lengths.
  • Insert each of them between the layers of the hoop.
  • Tighten and hang.

3. Crepe Candle Holders and Tablecloth

Source: cdn.shopify.com

All you need are crepe paper streamers, candle holders, white paper tablecloth and double-sided tape. And here are how to do it:

  • Use the tablecloth to cover the table.
  • Use double-sided tape and attach the streamers to the length of the table.
  • Wrap the streamers around the candle holders and secure it using double-sided tape.

4. Circle Garlands

Source: http://s3.weddbook.com

All you need are the scrapbook pages, die cutter and sewing machine.

  • Cut out circles from the scrapbook pages that have been coordinated.
  • Sew them together.

5. Paper Chains

Source: i.pinimg.com

All you need are strips of thick paper, and stapler.

  • Staple the strip of paper until it forms a loop.
  • Thread the next strip of paper to the previous loop, then staple it. Repeat until it meets your desired length.

6. Paper Rose Balls

Source: i.ytimg.com

You can create both small ones and the large ones. All you need are hot glue, a styrofoam ball, and crepe paper streamers.

  • Roll the strips of paper.
  • Twist the end of the roll and form the stem.
  • Glue it.
  • Pull the layers of paper on another end to form the rose petals. Repeat it.
  • Glue the roses to the styrofoam.


7. Rainbow Mobiles

Source: pagingsupermom.com

All you need are a sewing machine, vellum papers that are cut into horizontal strips, artist tape, and fishing weight.

  • Sew the strips of paper together.
  • Attach the fishing weight to the bottom.
  • Hang it uses artist tape from the ceiling.

Lara Parker