25 Vintage Porch Decor Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

Cute wall art isn’t just for the inside of the home. I’d like to explain to you how simple it is to make farmhouse summer porch decor by thinking beyond the box and using old, new, and salvaged items you might not have thought to use. We gain a whole other room and it’s my favorite space.

25 Vintage Porch Decor Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

While it takes away the ease of being right off the home, it gave us more room to work with and it is ideal for keeping an eye on the kids in the pool. Indoor houseplants are contented to summer on the porch. So here are a few great suggestions for fall garden decor!

Making your own vintage, decorated outdoor space can readily be accomplished. Vintage things are always one of my favorite things to utilize in my house decor. There are some fundamental pieces that give any space the ideal vintage feel.

Jennifer Bachdim

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