38 Stunning Side Yard Design Ideas for Your Garden Space

Based on the location of your principal backyard entertaining region, you might even have the ability to extend your patio around the side of your home and create your side yard portion of your primary outdoor living area. Also, in case you have only a little space between your home and the street, consider constructing a very low fence out before the yard. Like designing any other area of your lawn and house, it is essential that you take a look at the garden and the way that it will appear from various angles, including from inside the home.

38 Stunning Side Yard Design Ideas for Your Garden Space

No matter what you do to a single end of the side yard, make certain you do on the opposite side. Begin by thinking about how you’d love to use your lawn. This page is all about my search to turn to create a lovely cottage-style garden in our side yard.

If you should screen your neighbour, look at using tall narrow shrubs like serviceberry or ornamental grasses. When planting new plants, mix a number of the compost in the planting holes as you cooperate. If you select the appropriate plants you might be able to take them inside during the wintertime.

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